Cason & Associates provides permitting and grant writing services for your pond and lakes projects. 

Click here for our habitat (terrestrial) permitting and grant writing services.



For qualified water bodies (typically lakes or ponds that are entirely privately owned and have no continuous inlet or outlet), Cason & Associates recommends obtaining a Private Fish Farm Registration through the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (WDATCP).  A Private Fish Farm Registration offers many benefits to the private pond or lake owner.  You may fish without a license, you may set your own size and bag limits, you can control aquatic life, including nuisance weeds and algae, without Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource (WDNR) permits, and you can stock fish without WDNR permits.

For ponds or lakes with public access or connected water bodies, Cason & Associates will assist you with your project by submitting a permit application to the WDNR with any required permit documents. We will also submit any notifications that may be required with your project and ensure you understand permit conditions and notification requirements.

Cason & Associates requires that clients obtain either a Private Fish Farm Registration or obtain appropriate WDNR permits prior to commencement of herbicide or algaecide treatments or fish stocking in the client’s waters.

Contact us to determine if your project requires a permit and/or for assistance submitting a permit.



Successful programs also require financial resources. Cason & Associates’ grant writing specialists work with municipalities and non-profit organizations, such as Lake Associations and Lake Districts, to procure cost-share funding to help you realize your project goals.


Our grant writing experience includes:

  • Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) grants:

    • Education and Prevention

    • Established Infestation

    • Rapid Response

  • Lake Management Planning Grants

  • Lake Protection Grants

  • Healthy Lake Grants


Our staff has successfully written over two million dollars in grants for our clients. We would love to help you improve your lake for recreation, navigation, aesthetics and to create prime habitat for fish and wildlife.

Contact us to discuss how these grant programs may benefit your lake.

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