Cason & Associates provides high quality bathymetric mapping services to our clients. Many lakes were mapped in the mid-1900's. These outdated maps have provided the basis for lake management activities that involve water volume calculations, mapping the littoral zone, installing fish habitat structures, determining locations for water sample collection, etc.

Unfortunately, land use and water levels have changed over time. With time underwater contours change as lake bottom sediments shift and decaying plant matter creates organic sludge that settles to the bottom. As a result, many lake contour maps are no longer accurate.

Today's technology allows us to create very accurate, high resolution bathymetric maps, which allows for more accurate lake assessments to guide management activities.



One specific need is for whole lake treatments of aquatic invasive species. In order to conduct a successful large-scale treatment, we need the accurate water volume to calculate herbicide concentrations to avoid under or over applying an herbicide. Under applying could result in a treatment failure and wasted funds. Over applying could result in damaging native plant communities or violating permit conditions.


Other reasons may include:

  • Water quality management that focuses on nutrient loading, nutrient management and reducing algal blooms

  • Designing an aeration system

  • Determining locations to install fish habitat

  • Updating old maps just to have new information for recreational users

Contact us to learn more about bathymetric mapping and to learn if this service is appropriate your project.

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