Did you know that fires historically took place every 2-4 years on Wisconsin landscapes? In fact, most of our endangered ecosystems are fire dependent. Many people look at fire as a negative, when in truth, fires in natural landscapes create a disturbance that rejuvenates the land.


In our current culture, when people think of fires, they think of the raging wildfires that pose threats to structures and life. When managing ecosystems with fire, we refer to controlled and prescribed burns. These fires burn and disturb the landscape, but several precautions are taken to ensure the fire only occurs in the prescribed area, is unable to leave the containment zone, both people and equipment are on hand to keep the fire under control and that the weather conditions are ideal for maintaining a controlled burn.




Prescribed fire allows for a ecosystem to be reset into an earlier stage. The fire allows for nutrients like phosphorus and potassium to be immediately input back into the ecosystem. After the fire, nitrogen also increases due to the increase in foliage production and fungi and bacteria releasing the nitrogen back into the soil. The increase in foliage production after the fire (up to 24 times more edible dry mass per acre) aids in supporting wildlife.


Prescribed burns, in combination with forestry mowing and herbicide application can shift systems like forests and prairies that previously require a lot of a lot of hands on maintenance to one of a more “turn key” approach that requires significantly reduced maintenance. Re-establishing historic disturbance regimes, or at least getting as close as we can, will allow for nature to take its course much more efficiently. Many of the problems we face managing lands today is simply the result of land being left without proper management practices and/or disturbance.

Cason & Associates offers the follow services in regards to controlled burns:

  • Controlled burn consultations where one of our biologists will determine if prescribed burns would benefit your property and the goals you have for your property. 

  • Burn plans would then be created specifically for your property outlining burn areas, what preparations need to be done on the land prior to burning, what is to be done with the land after burning and burn frequency.

  • Burn preparations, including installing fire breaks and reducing fuels to control the fire, would then occur.

Cason & Associates does not currently conduct the actual burn, but our staff have prepared and participated in prescribed burns for government agencies throughout the country. 

Please contact us to learn more controlled burns and the best management practices for your property.