Our collective knowledge of lake and pond biology, ecology, water chemistry, and management is primarily why our clients contact us. We treat every consultation as a scientifically-based analysis of our client’s pond. This is not a sales oriented call. 


We begin by listening to the client to determine the nature of their management concerns. We then collect information on the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the pond based upon our client’s management goals. We then combine and analyze this information to prescribe a management program that will allow them to achieve their goals.


Our client’s goals in these consultations can have one or many issues to manage. Each consultation is unique, just as each pond is a unique ecosystem.

  • Do you want to reduce the organic muck accumulation in your pond? Our consultant biologists will start by analyzing the depth and organic content of the muck, the plant species and density present in your pond, along with the water chemistry and dissolved oxygen. Sometimes, a specialized form of bacteria and enzymes is just what is needed.

  • Maybe you want to manage your pond to support a quality fishery. What type of population dynamics do you want for your pond? Water chemistry analysis coupled with dissolved oxygen readings will be analyzed to make sure that your pond can support a quality fishery. It may be necessary to survey your pond to establish a current population base for future stocking. It may be beneficial to install a custom designed aeration system to destratify your pond.

  • You may have pond weed and algae growth that is out of control. An analysis of your nutrient composition might be necessary to know if you have water that is too high in nitrogen or phosphorous and how to get these problematic nutrients under control. You will need to properly identify what plant and algae species are out of control to know the proper aquatic herbicide that will need to be used to gain control of the problem weeds. A regular treatment schedule might also be necessary to keep your pond looking beautiful. 

  • Some of our clients want their pond to be as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as possible. It may be creating the perfect plantings for both species and density. Some clients need assistance in planning, planting, and launching a floating island planted with flowers or other native pond plants. These floating islands can act as wildlife habitat, fish structure, and aid in removing nutrients from the water. The aesthetics of your pond may be designed with swimming as its primary goal.


Our current consulting fees are $125/hour, including round-trip travel time from our Main Office in Berlin, WI. A typical consultation requires one to two hours of time on site. Detailed written recommendations will be provided to you shortly after the consultation. Many of our clients say that this was the best money they have ever spent on their pond.

Contact us to see how we can help you realize the dreams you have for your pond!


An integrated management approach means utilizing physical, chemical, and biological methods to address a pond problem. Physical methods might include redirecting surface runoff to limit nutrient inputs, aerating to improve oxygen concentrations, or applying dyes to limit light penetration, thereby reducing weed growth. Chemical methods may include application of algaecides and herbicides to kill weeds and algae, or application of polymers to tie up the phosphorus that contributes to weed and algae growth. Biological methods can be applications of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to digest muck and tie up nutrients, or planting aquatic plants and buffer strips to prevent erosion.

Cason & Associates offers three types of pond management programs to fit your individual needs. All pond programs are administered by one of our biologist who are trained, licensed and insured professional aquatic applicators.

Pond Assistance Program

Our Pond Assistance Program is for the do-it-yourself pond owner. Upon request, one of our biologists will deliver the products that you need to manage your pond, instruct you in their proper use, and answer any questions that you may have. You will learn the proper dosing levels, what time intervals between applications need to be observed, and the proper products to use on the specific weeds and algae that might be plaguing your pond. We provide the professional grade products and the know how so your pond can be treated properly doing it yourself.

On Call Pond Management Program

Our On Call Pond Management Program is a contracted service that allows the customer to request specific pond management services, such as weed and algae treatments, as they are needed. This program is for the do-it-yourself pond owner that sometimes needs an occasional treatment to keep the weeds and algae in check. A biologist will typically be able to perform the requested service within five business days or so.

Integrated Pond Management Program
Our Integrated Pond Management Program is a contracted service with regularly scheduled treatment intervals. Cason & Associates provides Integrated Pond Management Services (IPMS) that are specific to your pond. By scientifically analyzing your pond, we can create an integrated management plan that is unique to your pond’s needs. Our integrated pond management services use physical, chemical and biological methods to address the problems in your pond.


Services in the IPMS program include:

  • Application of nutrient management products to take up available nutrients and directly compete with algae and weed growth

  • Application of dye to limit the amount of sunlight penetration in the water, reducing plant and algae growth

  • Application of algaecides and/or herbicides to control algae and weed growth

  • Application of muck-digesting bacteria to reduce algal blooms and anoxic (low oxygen) conditions

  • Maintenance on aeration systems and fountains to make sure running components are working properly

  • Improve the watershed around your pond through buffer strips, native plantings and removal of invasive species


Ponds in the IPMS program are visited on a regular schedule by our professionally trained biologists, which typically occur on a monthly basis, but can be adjusted to more or less frequent visits depending on your pond’s needs. We have found that through an integrated management approach, our client’s ponds become less dependent on chemical treatments and experience fewer and less severe algae blooms and weed problems. By having your pond in our IPMS program, you can have peace of mind knowing your pond is being taken care of by professionals. Instead of you spending the time and energy working on your pond, relax and enjoy your pond!

Contact us for your pond management needs - remember, we cover all of Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Illinois!