In most natural lakes and rivers, the oxygen need for biological processes is supplied by the atmosphere. Atmospheric diffusion of oxygen into these systems is provided by wave action or the flow of water. In man-made ponds, there is generally insufficient circulation or movement of water to provide desirable levels of oxygen. The resulting low oxygen levels are associated with algal blooms, organic sediment (muck) accumulation, noxious odors, reduced water clarity and fish kills.

Aeration is an effective, simple, and environmentally friendly technique for the maintenance and rejuvenation of ponds and lakes, and can reverse these trends or prevent them from occurring. However, the aeration system must be properly designed and sized to meet the individual needs of your lake or pond. There are dizzying arrays of aeration systems on the market, but most of them are inadequate for dealing with lake or pond water quality problems.

After visiting your pond or lake, the biologists at Cason & Associates will design an aeration system to fit the individual needs of your lake or pond based on criteria such as basin depth and morphology, dissolved oxygen and temperature profiles, hydraulic residence, chemical and biological oxygen demands, and internal nutrient cycling.

Once our biologists design your custom system, our technician will assemble and install the system. We maintain and repair all systems that we recommend and sell.

To learn more about how aeration works and why you need it, click here.

To determine if aeration would help you or for pricing, please contact us and one of our biologists will be able to assist you.

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