Surface waters like lakes, rivers and streams are complex ecosystems that provide a number of benefits such as drinking water supplies, flood control, electricity, food and habitat for wildlife, recreational opportunities, and commercial benefits for industries. Changes in land-use and land cover within the watershed often change the hydrology of an area leading to flooding, destruction of aquatic habitats, water quality impacts, and property damage. Many waterfront residents are directly impacted and experience rapid erosion and sedimentation.

The biologists at Cason & Associates understand the unique dynamics of surface water ecosystems and have the tools necessary to develop restoration plans unique to each situation. Restoration plans are developed around a thorough understanding of factors that affect the water body, as well as local resources that may be affected by changes occurring at the restoration site.


Cason & Associates offers:

  • Restoration plan development

  • Plan implementation and project coordination

  • Shoreline stabilization

  • Channel manipulation

  • Removing invasive species

  • Re-Introducing native species

Cason & Associates uses a variety of techniques to create a natural habitat where fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and plants can flourish.

The success of any restoration project depends largely on the education and experience of those involved in planning and implementing it. Cason & Associates employs only degreed biologists and puts an emphasis on continuing education to ensure knowledge of the most up-to-date methods and techniques.

Please contact us if you have issues with erosion on your property.