Plantings can greatly enhance the wildlife habitat and aesthetic value of your pond or lakefront. However, not all plantings have to occur on the land, the shoreline or underwater. Floating islands provide aesthetic value, improve water quality and create habitat for birds, turtles, frogs, insects, fish and other wildlife to thrive.

Some popular uses of floating islands are:

  • Improving water quality and clarity

  • Reducing algae growth and planktonic blooms

  • Providing safe habitat for waterfowl

  • Creating foraging and habitat for fish

  • Combating mosquito activity

  • Creating habitat for pollinators and butterflies

  • Removing excess nutrients from the system

  • Shoreline stabilization



Floating islands can be designed in any shape you would like and planted with plants that target your specific goals - aesthetics, pollinators, butterflies, etc.


You may purchase floating islands and a planting plan from us, or we can install and plant the floating island for you. Cason & Associates uses and sells native, Wisconsin genotype plants that are grown in local nurseries, not harvested from the wild. We have found that tubers and plug stock, while less expensive initially, tend to have poor survival rates. Therefore, we have mature, fully rooted stock grown especially for our clients. In planting more mature plants, the beauty and function of your floating island is instantaneous.

Contact us to learn more about floating islands and to learn how they could help your pond or lake.