Cason & Associates conducts forestry mowing throughout the year to remove invasive brush and to release desired understory species, which can reverse years of site neglect and lack of management.


Mowing and mulching are essential aids to restoration and management. While brush and understory cover is necessary for some wildlife, completely overgrown and dense patches of land offer little habitat benefit to most species. 

When managing prairies, mowing allows for both direct sunlight openings and warm season(native) grasses to compete against aggressive cool season grass.

When our biologists mow forests and prairies, we selectively mow to release desired species such as oak, pine, maple and aspen. We target buckthorn, honeysuckle, black locust, Japanese barberry and overgrown native brush. 


Following mowing or mulching, we highly recommend treating the cleared areas to prevent the cut species from regrowing. We have a bloom-less mechanical application system and backpack sprayers for more targeted and harder to reach areas.

Once treated, we recommend planting or seeding native species to ensure this now open terrain is not re-colonized by undesired species. We offer planting and seeding services. To learn more, please visit our Terrestrial Planting and Seeding page.


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