Cason & Associates conducts habitat assessments to determine how much and what type of habitat is available for fish and wildlife in and immediately surrounding your lake or pond.

To determine which habitat improvements need to be made to achieve your goals, the first step is a habitat assessment.

  • Do you want to improve or create habitat for your fishery?

  • Do you want to improve habitat for pollinators and butterflies?

  • Do you want to improve or create habitat for waterfowl?

  • Do you just want to know what type of habitat you have in your lake or pond to assist in making management decisions?


Our biologists will survey your lake or pond to identify and map available habitat that focuses on your goals. We will  provide you with your goal specific habitat map and recommendations for you to implement. We do offer habitat improvement services and would love to work with you to achieve your project goals.


Grant funding is available for many habitat improvement projects, and we will help you obtain any available grant funding to implement your projects.

Contact us to learn more about our habitat assessments and what you can do to improve the habitat in and around your lake or pond.