Our collective knowledge of land and water management is primarily why our clients contact us. We treat every consultation as a scientifically-based assessment of our client’s property. This is not a sales-based consultation, but rather learning-based.


We begin by listening to the client to determine the nature of their concerns. Our client’s goals in these consultations can have one or many issues to manage, and we have the background to address each issue.

Common reasons we are contacted by a land owner:

  • I want to be able to hunt my land, but the woods are too thick.

  • How can I get more wildlife to come to my property?

  • I would like to know more about building a pond or a wildlife scrape.

  • I have a field that is overgrown and I would like to turn it into a prairie.

  • I have a lot of mice on my property. How do I improve snake habitat?

  • I would like to plant some trees on our property.

  • How can I get rid of all of these invasive plants?

  • I love pollinators - is there anything specific I can do to help them?

  • There is a wetland on my property that looks more like a swamp. How can we fix it?

Whatever the reason you may have for seeking assistance from habitat specialists, we can help you reach your goals, teach you more about your land and how to manage it in the future. 


After each consultation, we will provide you with a summary report and recommendations to reach your goals. There are many habitat restoration and improvement projects that qualify for grants. If we determine that your project would be a grant candidate or would require permitting, we will discuss these options with you. For those who would like more assistance in this area, we do offer grant writing and permitting services.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for managing your property - remember, we cover all of Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Illinois!