Our collective knowledge of biology, ecology, fisheries, water quality, plants and algae and management is primarily why our clients contact us. We treat every consultation as a scientifically-based analysis of our client’s lakes. This is not a sales-based consultation, but rather learning-based.


We begin by listening to the client to determine the nature of their concerns. Our client’s goals in these consultations can have one or many issues to manage. Each consultation is unique, just as each lake is a unique ecosystem.

Common reasons we are contacted by a lake owner, association or district:

  • We want to enjoy our lake more, but there are too many weeds.

  • Invasive species are taking over the lake.

  • Our fish are small and/or skinny.

  • The water is cloudy, and it used to be much clearer.

  • We can't launch our boats anymore because the lily pads are too thick.

  • We frequently have fish kills.

  • We experience algae blooms, including blue-green algae that shuts down our beaches.

  • We would like to create more habitat for fish and wildlife.

  • Our shorelines are eroding.

  • We used to have sandy or rocky bottom, but now there is muck everywhere.

  • We would like to understand our lake more, what species are there, how the water quality is, and if there is anything we can do to make it better.

  • The cattails and/or phragmites are so tall, we can't even see the lake anymore.

  • We do not have a lot of funding and would like grant assistance to fix our lake.

  • We were told by the DNR that we needed a survey or a lake management plan.

  • We need help understanding the regulations and what we need to do to start managing our lake.

Whatever the reason you may have for seeking assistance from a lake management professional, we can help you reach your goals. Not only will we help you reach your goals, but we will teach you about your lake. We regularly invite our clients to participate in surveys so they can learn and understand more about their lake and what we do.

A lake management consultation is very different from a pond or habitat consultation. We want to meet with as many stakeholders as we can to truly understand the problems, goals and hindrances our clients have with managing their lake. Each consultation is unique and geared towards the specific needs of each lake.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for your lake management needs - remember, we cover all of Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Illinois!