We at Cason & Associates pride ourselves on providing professional lake management services to our customers. Our educated and experienced biologists offer a number of valuable services to individuals and lake organizations throughout Wisconsin and neighboring states. In each case, we strive to help lake organizations and individuals better understand the conditions of their lake and the best approach to comprehensive lake management.

Lakes studies and in-depth planning are essential to achieving lake management goals. Effective management plans rely on data collection and analysis, discussions of management alternatives, public education, communication and consensus-building. 


Our areas of lake planning expertise include:

  • Comprehensive Lake Management

  • Aquatic Plant Management

  • Fishery Management

  • Water Quality Assessment

  • Habitat Improvement


Our biologists will be happy to meet with you to discuss what we have to offer.


Please contact us to learn more about conducting lake studies on your lake and the development of a lake management plan.

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