A fishery is made up of more than just the large game fish we all love to see and catch. Each fish species has different habitat needs and preferences at each stage of its life. Small fish (fry) need dense cover that not only protects them from predators, but also facilitates the phytoplankton growth they feed upon. Fingerling fish need less dense cover that will allow them to escape larger predators. Having successful recruitment of fry and fingerlings is important for having a self-sustaining fish population. Adult game fish are attracted to cover for foraging opportunities, but also use overhead cover for protection from winged predators. Mossback Fish Habitat® fish attractors provide artificial habitat by creating multiple small spaces for juvenile fish and large hiding places for adult game fish, while promoting phytoplankton growth on the flat surfaces they possess.


Mossback Fish Habitat® fish attractors are made of recycled PVC materials. They are chemically inert and will provide habitat for a very long time. Mossback Fish Habitat® fish attractors come in many different shapes and sizes and arrangements can be customized to your preferences. Compared to the labor intensive work of installing fish cribs or tree drops, Mossback Fish Habitat® fish attractors are very easy to transport, assemble and to install.


By installing Mossback Fish Habitat® fish attractors in your pond or lake, you are providing structural habitat that will help you maintain a healthy and diverse fishery for many years to come. You can also use them to create your own “honey hole” by attracting fish to certain key angling locations within your pond or lake, thereby creating fun fishing opportunities for all ages.