Aquatic plants can greatly enhance the aesthetic value of your pond or lakefront. Did you know that they can provide many benefits to the ecological health of your lake or pond as well? Aquatic plants provide food and cover for birds and other wildlife. They also provide nursery and feeding areas for fish. Plants also tie up nutrients that may otherwise contribute to algae blooms. They filter runoff-born sediments and stabilize shorelines.


If you are a lakefront property owner, grant funding may be available to install rain gardens and native plant buffers on your property. These plantings improve lake water quality by slowing and filtering runoff before it flows into your lake. The nutrients in runoff can cause algal blooms, reduce water quality and clarity, impact fish and wildlife habitat, and degrade the overall lake ecosystem. We provide grant writing and submission services to help our clients afford to improve their shorelines.

For projects we plant, or if you would like to purchase plants from us, Cason & Associates provides native, Wisconsin genotype plants that are grown in local nurseries, not harvested from the wild. We have found that tubers and plug stock, while less expensive initially, tend to have poor survival. Therefore, we have mature, fully rooted stock grown especially for our clients.

We also seed native prairie and wet meadow plants around ponds for a natural pond environment. Click here to learn about our Terrestrial Plantings & Seeding.


Contact us to discuss a planting project for your property or to determine if you may qualify for grant assistance.