Plantings can greatly enhance the aesthetic and wildlife values of your property. Whether you plant around a waterbody or in a field, trees and prairie plants improve the ecological health of your property.

If you are planting around a waterbody, terrestrial plants provide important habitat for wildlife, filter runoff-born sediments, stabilize shorelines and tie up nutrients that would otherwise flow into the waterbody and contribute to algal blooms. If you are a lakefront property owner, grant funding may be available to install rain gardens and native plant buffers on your property. We provide grant writing and submission services to help our clients afford to improve their shorelines.

Non-water related terrestrial plantings, such as trees and prairies, provide critical habitat for wildlife, while also adding economic and aesthetic value to your property.

Cason & Associates offers native planting and seeding services, as well as sales and delivery. Our plants and seed mixtures are all native species and are obtained from nurseries, not harvested from the wild. For Aquatic and Shoreline Plantings, click here.

Contact us to discuss a planting project for your property and for pricing and availability.

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Floating Islands


Tree & Plant Order Form (PDF)


We offer the following tree species. 

Please contact us for current pricing and availability.

  • Aspen, Quaking (24"- 36")

  • Birch, River (36"- 48")

  • Cedar, White (36"- 48")

  • Cherry, Black (24"- 48")

  • Fir, Balsam (18"- 24")

  • Hemlock, Canadian (18"- 24")

  • Maple, Red (24"- 36")

  • Maple, Silver (24"- 36")

  • Maple, Sugar (24"- 36")

  • Oak, Burr (24"- 36")

  • Oak, Chinkapin (24"- 36")

  • Oak, Northern Red (24"- 36")

  • Oak, Pin (24"- 36")

  • Oak, Swamp White (24"- 36")

  • Oak, White (18"- 24")

  • Pine, Red (18"- 24")

  • Pine, White (24"- 36")

  • Spruce, White (24"- 36")

  • Sycamore (24"- 36")

  • Tamarack* (24"- 36")

  • Walnut, Black (36"- 48")



We offer the following potted prairie wildflower species. Please contact us for current pricing and availability.

  • Butterfly Milkweed

  • New England Aster

  • Prairie Coreopsis

  • Purple Coneflower

  • Rosin Weed

  • Yellow Coneflower

We also offer native prairie seed mixes.

Grass seed mixes include:

  • Big Blue

  • Little Blue

  • Indian Grass

  • Gamma Grass

  • Porcupine Grass

Forb seed mixes include:

  • Leadplant

  • Lupine

  • Spiderwort

  • Rattlesnake Master

  • False Sunflower

  • Prairie Clover

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