Each year, we receive more and more requests to fix old or poorly designed ponds and water gardens. 

Common issues we encounter that are related to pond liners include:

  • An unlined pond that should have been lined during construction

  • Improperly lined ponds

  • Water level issues that indicate a lined pond is leaking

  • Do-It-Yourself clients who have the experience and equipment to dig their own ponds, but need professional assistance with the pond liner

We have helped clients with pond liners for a variety of pond sizes, from large ponds to small water gardens. We use seam-sealed, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pond liners that can be built and cut to match any size project, no matter the size. Cason & Associates has the training, equipment and knowledge to help with all of your pond project needs.

Contact us to for pond liner pricing and for assistance with all of your pond project needs.

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