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A Little On Bio-Catalysts: Naturalake Biosciences

Care and maintenance of a pond can be hard work, however at Cason & Associates we have all the tools to make sure that the job is done correctly and with maximum backing research. Some of the biological tools that we use while managing the nutrients and microbiota which reside in your waterbodies are AquaSticker and PondZilla Pro by the Naturalake Biosciences’ laboratory. These two products are both part of their bio-catalyst line which are not chemical treatments, but rather agents which assist by increasing chemical uptake by the plant and accelerating breakdown of algae by improving penetration.

Ponzilla Pro is considered a natural catalyst which speeds the breakdown of dead algae and aquatic plants; however, it also stimulates the naturally occurring bacteria in the water to fixate loose nutrients which are freed through the breakdown process. Despite Pondzilla Pro having zero affects on microbiota on its own, combined with copper algaecide it accelerates chemical reactions and improves performance which is crucial in hardwater applications where copper solubility and performance are reduced.

AquaSticker is a slightly different product than Pondzilla Pro, it is considered a biological sticking agent which aims to disrupt the protective microbiota of algae and aquatic plants. Naturalake Biosciences’ laboratory has extensively researched this product and is the latest innovation in aquatic bio-catalyst technologies. It stimulates competitive bacterial growth and assists in the penetration of chemical treatments into algae and plants. AquaSticker blends with most chemistries and biologicals including PondZilla and excels in hard water treatments.

These two products are top of the line in bio-catalyst technology and can help you in making sure your pond stays happy, healthy, and beautiful looking for maximum enjoyment. Call Cason & Associates to discuss how Aquasticker, PondZilla Pro, or any other product from Naturalake Biosciences can help make your water body look healthier and more beautiful for the coming season.

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