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Is a Fountain Right for Your Pond?

Nothing is more relaxing than watching the elegant patterns and hearing the soothing sounds a fountain can create. A stunning nighttime display can be obtained with the addition of clear or colored lights. There is no question, fountains create an aesthetic appeal to a pond. But did you know fountains can provide more than just enhancing the aesthetics of a pond?

Fountains can also serve as a peaceful background noise that can help drown out annoying noises from neighbors, vehicles or other noisy disturbances. In addition, fountains can provide aeration to a pond. With the many benefits fountains provide, choosing the right fountain can be frustrating. Today, there are so many options to choose from. Where do you even start?!

Cason & Associates is your authorized Wisconsin dealer of Kasco Marine® fountains. Over the years, we have had experienced with a number of different brands of fountains and found Kasco® fountains to be high quality systems, backed by excellent technical and customer support. In addition, they are the least expensive to purchase, maintain and operate.

Kasco® offers two main types of fountains: the xStream series and J-series, which are decorative fountains, and the VFX-series, which are aerating fountains. Both the decorative xStream series and J-series fountains, and the aerating VFX-series fountains come with multiple nozzles, offering a variety of spray patterns. They are all corrosion resistant, energy efficient and have the capability to add colored or clear lights to create a spectacular nighttime display. All Kasco Marine® fountains are complete packages including an assembled motor, control panel, thermoplastic float, power cord and mooring lines.

Choosing a fountain should be fun and enjoyable. Don’t let today’s market overwhelm you. Let our trained staff help you determine which fountain is best for your needs. Call us today for pricing and more information.

Let us do the work for you!

We offer all of the following services, so you can spend more time enjoying your fountain:

· Assembly and installation of new fountains

· Spring installation, fall removal and winter storage

· Cleaning, testing and repairs

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