For many years, lake residents have formed organizations to help manage Wisconsin’s lakes. In more recent years, river management organizations have begun to emerge.


These river organizations are facing many of the same challenges as lake management organizations including:

  • Invasive exotic species

  • Increased nutrient loading

  • Water quality issues

  • Habitat loss or degradation

  • User conflicts

  • Bank erosion and instability

  • Excess sedimentation

Cason & Associates has the expertise, tools and resources to help river organizations assess problems, research management options and formulate community-supported management plans.

Additionally, paper mills and power companies that rely on our rivers are being required to survey rivers for the presence of aquatic invasive species and implement programs to manage them as part of FERC relicensing.


Other companies are required to conduct routine water quality assessments and biomonitoring surveys to document water quality impacts or the lack there of. Cason & Associates has the expertise, tools and resources to meet the needs of these projects as well.

Please contact us to learn more about river monitoring and management.