Pond Services

We offer integrative pond management solutions that control nuisance plants and algae and improve water quality, aesthetics, fish and wildlife habitat and personal enjoyment of our clients' ponds. Our biologists will work with you and your budget to achieve your pond goals.

Popular services include:

  • Plant & Algae Treatments

  • Pond Management Programs

  • Custom Aeration Systems

  • Water Quality

  • Fisheries Management

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Lake Services

We work on both private and public lakes with lake owners, associations, and districts to manage water quality, aquatic plants, improve fish and wildlife habitat and enhance the overall recreational, navigational, and aesthetic enjoyment of each lake for our clients.

Popular services include:

  • Invasive Plant Control

  • Lake Management Plans

  • Aquatic Plant Surveys

  • Lake Studies & Assessments

  • Fisheries Management

Habitat Services

We offer turn-key solutions to improve the aquatic and/or terrestrial habitats on your property, including pond or wildlife scrape construction, forestry and prairie management, removing unwanted brush, plantings or restoring habitat, our biologists work with you to reach your property goals.

Popular services include:

  • Pond Design & Construction

  • Forestry Management

  • Wetland Restoration

  • Fish & Wildlife Habitat Improvement

  • Native  Plantings