Cason & Associates conducts shoreline assessments for lake management. The purpose of a shoreline assessment is to assist in improving water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife.

Unfortunately, modified and developed shorelines can detrimentally impact the health of the lake's ecosystem.

  • Unfiltered runoff carries nutrients and pollutants into the water.

  • Some fish and wildlife species depend on the shoreline habitat.

  • Boat wake and natural wave action can cause erosion, which brings additional sediments and nutrients into the water. 

  • Riprap and shoreline armoring impacts fish and wildlife habitat.

  • Manicured lawns look beautiful, but are detrimental to water quality as they allow unfiltered runoff to enter the water.

  • Livestock and agricultural fields are sources of nutrient runoff.

  • Highly developed land with impervious surfaces are sources of nutrient and pollutant runoff.

The purpose of living on a lake is to enjoy the lake and your property. It is not feasible or practical to expect every shoreline landowner to maintain a fully natural shoreline. However, there are easy, unobtrusive ways to improve shorelines that will improve water quality and fish and wildlife habitat.

To understand which shoreline improvements need to be made on your lake, the first step is a shoreline assessment. Our biologists will visit the lake and survey the shoreline. We will then provide you with recommendations that individual landowners can implement to improve the lake's ecosystem.


Grant funding is available for many shoreline improvements, and we will help you obtain any available grant funding to implement your projects.

Contact us to learn more about our shoreline assessments and what you can do to improve the health and enjoyment of your lake.