Understanding the chemical, physical, and biological parameters of your lake or pond are essential to developing an effective management strategy. Cason & Associates has the resources to test surface water, ground water and sediments.


We commonly analyze the following parameters as part of our water quality monitoring services:

  • Dissolved oxygen and temperature

  • Conductivity

  • pH

  • Water clarity (Secchi depth)

  • Total phosphorus

  • Chlorophyll a

  • E. coli

  • Total dissolved solids

  • Total suspended solids

  • Volatile solids

  • Hardness & alkalinity

  • Ammonia, nitrates and nitrites

  • Kjeldahl Nitrogen


Many other parameters can be analyzed by our network of state certified laboratories.


Please contact us with any water quality concerns or to meet with our biologists to have your pond or lake water analyzed to determine management strategies.

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